Speed Up Fracture Healing
Archive | April, 2010

Learn How Bone Fracture Heal

Everyone can have a bone fracture. Even athletes who are used to using force when engaged in active sports may still end up at the hospital because of broken bones. People who have been involved in a fight may also end up with broken bones with varying severity. Even babies, who do not have compact bones, may have a few mild fractures because of abuse or neglect. Battered wives and husbands can also experience having broken bones at one time or another. Such is the commonality of fractures that people need to be acquainted with the ways that help bone fracture heal.


Fractures are caused by different reasons. Extreme activities like running, biking, hiking, and the like can lead to sudden force on the bones of the lower limbs or toes, resulting in a fracture. Carrying babies using the wrist or lower limbs can lead to a fracture in the area of the joints. Sometimes babies that have been left out to play by themselves can also have fractures because of falls.


The symptoms are common. A mild fever in the evening is somewhat suppressed during the day and this can be a sign that there is a mild fracture within the body. If you have been experiencing pain, swelling, tender spots and cramps in one area of your body, there is a high chance that this part is fractured. Sometimes the fracture is accompanied by bleeding especially when the bone has pierced through the skin. Other instances of fracture may result in bruising of the injured part and difficulty in moving it. Babies should also be carefully observed after they had a fall. If the baby cries and exhibits pain when touching the area and at the same time, suffering a mild fever, most likely he or she has a mild fracture.

Methods of Treatment

Some methods of treatment are recommended for children while others are for adults. The bones of the children can be realigned easier because they are not as strong as an adult’s. By giving them enough calcium they will have a higher bone density so that they will not be prone to bone breakage when they get older. Boosting the bone density of the body works not only as a treatment to help bone fracture heal it is also a way of preventing serious cases of broken bones.

Adults will require other treatment than just calcium. For accident survivors who have sustained fractures in their limbs, neck or feet, realignment of the bones should be done. If the bone is not displaced, it can be put in cast to immobilize it and let the natural process of healing take place. If the bone fracture is severe, then plates and screws will be used to rejoin bones together. A metal plate may also be used so that it can guide the bone and prevent it from moving out of its alignment. Plates are often used when the bones that need to be reconnected is in the lower limbs.

The tibia fibula regions need to work properly so that the body will not have any problem with walking or standing. If plates are not enough to hold the bones together, invasive surgery may be employed. When the problem is crushed bone, cement filling is the best option. If the bones are not given medical attention immediately, they may not align correctly. Sometimes the bone takes months to heal completely.

How the Treatment Works

The methods of treatment that were mentioned work by helping the bones to return to their natural location and position. However, the human body is so complex. If any piece of the bone is misaligned, this may affect other bones thus affecting the whole body as well. Keeping the bones together by means of surgery or internal fixation not only helps the body to carry on with the fracture but it does prevent further damages on the whole bone structural system. Surgery and cement filling are classic examples of how the bones should be brought back to where they were before so that they will not affect the daily routine of the individual. If your bones have been corrected by using a cast or sling, that support can help your bones to develop as they were before. This kind of treatment is used on bones that can heal easily. However if you have undergone critical bone fractures, you will need surgery as well. Your bones will need a high bone density to aid you in your bone fracture heal. Following your doctor’s advice can also help you recover faster with your bone fractures.

When to Seek Medical Help

Medical help needs to be given in cases wherein the bones are observed to cause much pain and swelling. Also, if any of the symptoms appear after an accident, call medical help immediately.