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Bones To Heal Faster | How to Make Bones Heal Quickly

11 Aug

Tips For Your Bones To Heal Faster

Having a broken bone is always a painful experience because most people end up with metal pins or plates on their bones while the fortunate ones only end up in casts or slings for weeks, although unable to move or walk. However, there are now different ways to heal bones faster and make your suffering a less uncomfortable experience. In normal treatment and conditions, healing broken bones can really take time because you have to wait till the bones develop calluses and calcium deposits before the fracture is healed. Healing can also be influenced with the age of the person. In children, healing is faster because their bones are still in their developmental stage and their bones can regenerate quicker. With adults and even older patients particularly the elderly, osteoporosis and calcium deficiency can make healing a long process to complete because their bones lack the essential elements to recuperate quickly.

Causes of Bone Fractures

There can be many causes for bone fractures. Very strong trauma or impact to the bone can break the bone in many pieces while moderate impact can render the bone to have incomplete fracture. Vehicular accidents are usually the cause for severe bone fractures and usually these result in compound fractures. Motorcycle accidents, sports accidents, and falling from heights are also the usual causes of bone fractures in the different parts of the body.  Anyone who sustains fracture can be immobilized for sometime so some people have devised ways to speed up bone healing by using effective and proven means in helping their bones to heal faster.

Signs of Bone Fractures

To know the different signs and manifestations of bone fractures, one should have a keen observation to the injured person and to the fractured area itself. Usually the person would feel great pain on the injured part if he is conscious. If there is nerve damage, pain can be followed by numbness or tingling sensation. The person cannot move the injured part or if it can move, this can trigger more pain. For the physical manifestations of bone fractures, the symptoms can be any of the following:

• Bruises will appear on the injured part
• Swelling will manifest minutes after the incident
• The skin of the injured part may change color from reddened skin to black or bluish in color
• Deformity of the limb for displaced fractures

Methods of Treatment

There are different ways of treating bone fractures or broken bones. Casting is commonly applied on fractured limbs that have simple fractures. This will immobilize the bone until the bone joins together and heal itself. For severe and compound fractures that have bone fragments out of places, surgery is the only way to correct this. The doctors will use metal wires, pins or plates to reattach fragments of bones back into their places and longer bones will need to have metal rods to put the length of the bones back in their places as well. This is called internal fixation. The duration for the time to heal fractured bones can take up months to complete if the treatment and the healing takes its natural course. However, there are now possible ways in healing bones faster and these methods are proven safe and effective.

How to Speed Up Bone Healing

Helping bones heal can take in many forms and self-discipline so here are the most important factors to remember:

• Ask advice from your doctor what diet plan you can follow so that your injured bone can heal faster.
• Always have a diet plan that is rich with Vitamin D, calcium, Vitamin C, K and lysine. Lysine is an amino acid that can help in the absorption of calcium from the food we eat.
• Take foods that are also rich with protein such as beans, nuts, fish, meat, and dairy products because protein is a vital mineral in building muscles and bones.
• If you are still on the immobilization process, always stick to the doctor’s advice on the use of crutches, taking care of your cast and wound stitches.
• Smoking and alcohol can alter the flow of the blood to your body so stop taking these altogether.
•Try to find out what can stimulate bone healing. Today, there are clinics that offer electrical stimulation methods and ultrasound treatment which accordingly makes healing bones faster. There are also natural medicines and therapies that also contribute to speed up bone healing. You can consult your doctor about these.
• Always have a positive thinking and attitude towards the healing of your injury and always think that in no time, you will be up and moving again. Remember that the mind is the greatest source of power whenever you need to recuperate from any injury.

When to Seek Medical Help

Once a broken bone is put under treatment, healing begins. However, there are times that healing is altered due to many reasons. One of the most dreaded causes is complications that come from internal infections. It could be that the part of the bone did not have enough live tissue to recover and so part of the bone died which can result in non-union of bones. This will eventually add complications to the injury. In this case, symptoms may appear like bruising, swelling and fever. Pain is also an indication that there is something wrong with your injured part. If any of these cases appear, consult your doctor immediately so that he can take clinical diagnosis and know the situation.

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