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Broken Bone Treatment | Broken Bone Fracture Surgery | Healing Time, Symptoms, Recovery

8 Aug

Broken bones cannot be prevented. They can sometimes happen even when you are doing your daily routine. Even the simplest tasks like running, walking or reaching on to something can lead to an unexpected fracture in the bones. With bone fracture, a bone is split in two or more fragments. In severe cases, the bones can break in jagged edges and can damage the skin or any tissue near it thus creating an open fracture. Not all broken bones will need special attention by the doctor. Simple cases can heal by themselves without the need for medical attention while other cases will need operation. Thus, the treatment depends on the severity and cause of the fracture.


The most common cause of fracture is when someone encounters an accident. You may fall from a tree branch or from the stairs or you can also get a fracture being hit by a truck. You might overwork your bones by not giving them enough rest while starving them with calcium to maintain their strength. Fractures can be caused by one or more of the following:

• An unexpected force directed at a certain part of the body where bones are present
• Traumas caused by other people
• Stress
• Forcing the body to work harder
• Falling with the wrist supporting the weight
• Being thrown out of the car in an accident
• Being hit by a car
• Being in an airplane crash
• Falling with the pressure on the heels
• Running

Symptoms of Broken Bones

When you had an accident, you will see symptoms clearly detailing the fracture. Some people may not be able to feel what is really wrong with their bodies after the accident but the following manifestations indicate telltale signs that there could be fracture somewhere in your body.

• Pain. This usually occurs on the fracture part and it become severe when the part is moved.
• Swelling. Due to the compression of the blood vessels that is caused by the broken bones.
• Difficulty in moving the injured area.
• Erratic fever. This means that the fracture is already creating a disruption on the normal flow of the blood in the body and infection is setting in.
• Broken skin
• Cramps

Methods of Treatment For A Broken Bone

There are different methods of fractured bone treatment that can be employed at home or in the hospital. Treatment is divided into two: those that require the presence of medical personnel and those that do not. Some of the home remedies or treatments that can be done at home are:

• First aid
• Sling or splint application

More serious treatment for serious bone fractures involve any of the following:

• Bone cement filling
• Invasive surgery
• Extensive fixation

How the Treatment Works

The methods of broken bone treatment will work if the steps are followed correctly. The goal of the different methods of treatment is to help bones to heal as soon as possible. Immediate attention to the fracture is important so that it recovers faster. For instance, applying first aid to the patient with broken bones need to be done with precaution. Make sure that anything that is will be used is clean and sterilized. If it is possible, wash the injured area lightly to prevent any complication of infections. If the patient is unconscious, it is safe to resuscitate him provided that the one doing the CPR is adequately trained with the process. Make sure that no unnecessary force is imposed on the patient. If there is a break in the skin, make sure not to touch the area but try to stop the bleeding to prevent blood loss.

It is also discouraged to blow on the injured part because these can lodge dirt inside the wounds. It is also important to keep the patient calm at all times because hyperventilation can encourage profuse bleeding if there are wounds present. If the patient had broken bones in delicate areas like the head and neck, make sure that these are not moved. Otherwise, elevate the injured area above the head to prevent cramps and lessen the pain.

The bones of the body need to be compact and connected to the entire system to work as one. Slings, crutches, and splints are used as remedies for mild fractures while critical body parts like the neck can have braces as support. If a large area of the body has been fractured, surgery may be involved. With this, the broken bones are located and may be treated with metal wires, plates and rods to reconnect bones. After surgery, the doctor may suggest that the fracture be supported by a cast or splint.

When to Seek Medical Help

You need to seek medical help if the first aid treatment is not enough. For simple broken bones, you can simply put the fractured part in a sling and wait for it to heal. However, if you do see that the injury is getting worse, it is best to call medical assistance immediately.

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