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4 Sep

What is Buckle Fracture?

Bones are needed by the human body for support. Without these, you will not be able to stand on your own. If you rely on your skin alone without the bones, it is not too much to say that you will be just like a jellyfish that will stay lumpy. When the jellyfish floats around at sea, a boneless human will be nothing but muscles that cannot be sorted out as to what parts are present. Just imagine yourself without any bone at all. Thus, you need to value your bones as much as how you would go around standing, sitting, walking, running, and doing other types of human activities. This should mean that you need to steer clear from any types of bone fracture if you want to stay active and mobile. Moreover, a fracture would put you in pain at varying degree. When the bone has a fracture injury, you should immediately call for first aid. This is how you can be ensured that your fractures will not only grow worse. This will make the fracture healing time even longer. The estimated recovery time for a broken bone would depend on how damaged the affected bone is. If you don’t want to keep tending to a buckle bone fracture, for instance, for a long time, consult the doctor immediately.

There are actually different types of bone fracture as per their classification on what bones are broken. Anyone can have a fracture but especially children and old people. They can no longer steadily support themselves with the not yet fully developed bones in children and the weak bones in the older people. For kids, buckle fracture is one of the most common types of broken bone. It is also called as torus buckle fracture. Kids are prone to experiencing buckle fractures. Others call it as ulnar buckle fracture because this can occur anywhere but mostly on the distal radio ulnar metaphysis.

What is a buckle fracture? The most common definition of buckle fractures in children is that it is a fracture wherein the bone breaks only at one side with the other one affected by the buckling motion of the break. However, breakage does not happen when you have buckle fracture distal radius or any other types of buckle fracture. It is best if you will have an x-ray first to make sure that your fractured wrist, arm or any other bone is still functioning well. X-ray is also used to tell how severe an impacted fracture is. A more severe breakage would mean longer buckle fracture recovery time for the patient. A long rehab would be such a bother to your life. This is why you should avoid accidents that will cause fracture of wrist or any other bone in your body. Even if you will not think of the cost of the fracture surgery, if the break is severe, you should not forget about the hassles that would come with your injury. Medicines need to be bought as well, especially for relieving the pain that you are bound feel later on. Pain is the most telling sign of a buckle fracture of radius or similar fracture. You might also need fracture cast in order to keep the broken bones in place. Due to the buckling of the bone without total breakage, radial buckle fracture is categorized as an incomplete fracture. This is similar to the greenstick fracture wherein there is also a break on one end while a bend is on the other side without any bone bowing out. If you have broken your wrist in buckle fracture wrist, you would see a seemingly misaligned bone in the fracture area. This is just like a scaphoid fracture with the bone breakage on the wrist. The buckle fracture treatment that is needed would also entail the use of reduction to realign the broken bones.

Buckle fracture radius is common among kids while they still have soft, growing bones. Most of the buckling on the fracture would affect the radius. Radius buckle fracture happens to one of the bones in your forearm.  Another common type seen in patients would be ulnar buckle fracture, a breakage on the lower arm bone. In most cases, you would see buckle fracture arm, particularly on the lower arm. This pediatric buckle fracture makes kids vulnerable whenever they fall while playing or stumbling around.

Children have so much energy bottled up inside them that you should no longer wonder why they are prone to buckle fracture of wrist, especially when they fall. The tendency is that they would stretch their arms to break their fall as what their instinct would have instructed. When the impact is too great for the bones in the arms to take, buckle fracture of the wrist happens. Moreover, it is during childhood that many things need to be learned such as biking, roller skating, skateboarding, and many other seemingly extreme games for the fearful adults. With all these things going on in the lives of the children, wrist buckle fracture is bound to happen after accidents during practice and games. Parents should know how to deal with wrist fractures in children. If this is dealt with the wrong way, the fractured buckle bone might not grow the right way. This can affect them when they are all grown up.

Nondisplaced buckle fracture or any of its type is luckily one of the easiest types of buckle fractures to treat. In order to treat distal radius buckle fracture that is similar to Colles fracture, you would need a cast or brace to keep the healing process effective. By wearing a brace, reduction might no longer be needed. This will require three weeks to make sure that the immobilizing device has already done its job of helping the bones align themselves in their original position. The compression fracture common in older people with osteoporosis might take longer to be corrected than buckle fractures. This is because the bones in children still have to undergo normal bone growth, making any broken buckle bones recover faster as the kids are growing up.

Like many other fractures, looking at your buckle fracture picture would scare you. Moreover, being painful will not help your confidence in the thought that your fractured wrist, arm or distal radius would heal in just a few days. As parents, you would grow scared of the cortical buckle fracture of your child. However, children tend to recover fast especially when they are naturally active. Their desire to play once more and mingle with other kids would encourage them to heal faster. However, you should be warned about dealing with some tantrums once your child has already felt inconvenienced by wearing the buckle fracture splint or cast. You should make the child understand that it needs to be worn for about three weeks in order to let the broken bone heal properly. A minor buckle injury would not keep your child from the playground for long.

It is only natural that parents would wish their children to stay unharmed. However, these kids are bouncing balls of energy and most of the childhood activities that they are engaged in would include physical movements that might result to a fall or some other accidents. It is the parents’ wish to prevent any accident possible to keep their kids safe. However, this might prove impossible because even a simple fall from the bed might result to torus fractures. The challenge here is to keep an eye on your kids. You can also set up many child safety precautions to keep your kids safe. This is the most practical advice that the doctors can give the parents who are concerned about the safety of their children.

Some safety precautions for the kids would include letting them wear a helmet when they are biking, wear a seat belt when they are in the car, and other protective measures. It pays to be diligent if you are a parent who really cares. It is true that you are better safe than sorry. There is no use regretting your carelessness with your kids after the accident. Even if they only have buckle fracture finger, this will still put them in pain. You would not want to see your kids suffering because you failed to remind them about what they need to do in order to protect r themselves. Even a simple fracture is already a health risk to the kids. There are cases when surgery is needed as buckle fracture treatment and this is no longer a fun experience for your kids and even for yourself.

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