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Double Fracture Treatment | Double Bone Fracture Surgery | Fractured Bone Healing Time, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Recovery

31 Jul

Double fractures are bone injuries wherein the fragments are in two sections on only one bone. A double fracture may cause some cracks and breaks on the bone surface, resulting to two bone fragments. This type of bone injury is one of the most common types of bone fragments and can either be closed or open injuries. Most cases of double fractures can be treated using internal fixation techniques except in situations when the bones have been badly fragmented and can only be aligned back through the use of surgery.

Double Fracture Types

• Impacted fracture. Impacted fractures are like compression fractures wherein the fragment caused the compression of two bones against each other. This means the fracture happens on the same bone. An impacted injury is also closed fracture, which can result when too much pressure is applied on both ends of the bone.
• Simple fracture. The simpler type of a double fracture, simple fractures causes one long crack on the middle of the bone, causing it to split into two pieces.


Most double fracture cases are not considered serious cases so they do not need immediate surgery. In diagnosing a double fracture, the doctor will ask the patient about how the injury happened so that he can identify the mechanism of the injury. He will also want to see the health history of the patient. The health history is important so that the physician will know if the patient has an affliction that must be considered in the treatment. After the brief interview, the patient will be asked to undergo a physical examination (PE). Some examples PE include range of motion exercises and lifting of objects which can help the doctor identify whether the injury has also caused damage on tissues, joints, and nerves. The doctor will suggest for some x-ray shots of the injured area. For cases wherein the double bone fracture caused open wounds or bruises, the physician may also request for blood tests to see whether the injury and the open wound has caused an infection.  Rehabilitation or rehab is necessary.


• Vehicular and sports accidents
• Falling from a standing position
• Crushing of the body parts due to severe impact

Double Fracture Symptoms

• Extreme pain when the injured area is moved or touched
• Swelling
• Bones sticking on the skin in awkward angles
• Inability to put weight on the affected part
• Mild fever

Double Fracture Treatment

Since most double fractures are considered simple injuries only, the use of surgeries is considered as the last option for patients. The most recommended type of treatment used for this type of fracture is the use of braces and casts. Since the bones are only divided into two, the types of external fixation to be used are those which entirely cover the injured area so the bones can properly heal on their right alignments. The use of a sling is not recommended until after two months because the bone’s structure especially fragmented bones can easily stray away from their positions if sling will be used earlier. In severe closed double fracture cases, the patients must use metal braces which can be adjusted through the use of wires of pins.

Double fractures may only need surgery if the fragmented bone has pierced the skin. In this case, the use of pins, plates, and screws implanted internally on the bones may be needed. After the operation, the injured area will be put in the casts or braces to keep the bones from having unnecessary movements. Whether the treatment used is external or internal, physical therapy will be normally employed so that the patients can help themselves condition their body back to their normal working conditions.

Double Fracture Recovery Time, Healing Time: More than 2 months may be required.

Prevention of Double Bone Injury

Using protective gears when doing extensive activities like hyperactive sports can help a lot in preventing double fractures from occurring. As for preventing the recurrence of secondary injury to the bone, there are also a couple of points the patient should keep in mind. For one, the patient must keep the injured area away from direct heat exposure, avoiding activities which will require lifting of heavy objects and avoiding the cast or the brace from getting wet because this can lead to infections especially for injuries which have undergone surgery.

When to Call a Doctor

One should immediately consult a doctor if throbbing or painful sensations are felt following an accident. Sometimes, the pain will only be felt few days after the accident or trauma has happened. If this is the case, make sure to point out to the doctor the exact day when the incident happened. Not immediately asking for medical help may lead to complications such as deformed body parts and infections.

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