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9 Aug

Bones form the skeleton of the body and they, apart from providing the body with its structural form, support the internal organs and more delicate tissues. Bone fractures can come about because of different things; and it is asically a break in the continuity of the bone. A bone can fracture because stress or impact brought about by an accidental blow. It could be a result of a medical condition, like osteoporosis, osteogenesis imperfect or bone cancer.

People get at least one bone fracture in their lifetime. The severity of fractures vary as the person ages because bones of younger individuals are more flexible and are less likely to break. Younger people are also more responsive to treatment. Exogen bone healing is therefore indicated for use on older patients who have trouble healing bones naturally.


Bones can fracture in several ways and they are the following:

a. Simple: fractures that involve the braking of bone into two pieces
b. Stress: hairline fractures that can be unseen in x-rays
c. Comminuted: bones that fracture into several pieces
d. Compound: fractures that involve the protrusion of the bone into the skin
e. Complete: fractures wherein the bone completely breaks into two or more pieces
f. Incomplete: fractures that involving cracking of the bone without complete separating into to
g. Impacted: when one fragment of bone is embedded into one fragment of bone
h. Penile fractures


Doctors will first and foremost, take a history from you. He will need to know when, where and how the injury occurred; whether fractured his bones because of a trip or a fall, or if the person passed out even before the injury was incurred. The injury will then be examined for damages to the skin, arteries and nerves; and this will determine whether or not a further test, via x-ray, should be done. Proper diagnosis is important for the determination of the right treatment plan. It will be dependent on the final diagnosis whether a patient should undergo splinting, surgery or if the exogen bone healing system is his only chance left.


If you observe the following, you might be suffering from a bone fracture:

• If you observe some deformity on your limbs
• Any bruising around an injured area can be an indication of a bone fracture
• Swelling around the injured area can also be an indication of a bone fracture
• If you suddenly lose function in the injured area, you could easily be dealing with a bone fracture.


Bone fractures can be treated in several ways. Initially, bones are treated by splitting them in the position that is found in – and it is elevated and then iced. Immobilization is very important to control pain.

a. The first treatment a patient receives for any injury is pain management

b. Splinting is the most common treatment given to bone injuries. This involves the immobilization of the bone fracture by using casts.

c. Surgery is another treatment for bone fractures but the decision to which type of surgical procedure is to be will be dependent on the extent of the fracture. If the doctor suspects for the bones not to heal properly, then surgery is the best option. When the position of the bone cannot be stabilized through splinting, it will require surgical operation.

Some surgical procedures can also indicate the incorporation of metal hardware in form of pins, plates and rods. These metal hardware be permanent or they can be removed after some time.

d. The Exogen bone healing system is another way of treating bone fractures. When you opt for this course of treatment it can successfully speed the healing process and lower the need for surgery. It makes use of ultrasound bone healing to accelerate the healing of fresh fractures for up to 38% faster. Exogen bone healing is best for patients who have been suffering from bone fractures from quite some time and have been dealing with non-healing with non-healing fractures.

The ultrasound device is portable and lightweight so the patient can receive his prescribed treatment in a 20-minute daily regimen. This allows the patient to continue treatment from home; it is safe, it has no contra-indications and it has been clinically proven to be effective by thousands of patients worldwide.


Bone fractures cannot be prevented as easily because it is always a result of accidents. Regular intake of vitamin D and minerals such as phosphorus and calcium is also very important because it will render the bones stronger and keep them ready for battle. Although there are more bearable treatment procedures made available for patients, like the ultrasound bone healing device mentioned above, it is better to stay away from accidents.

When to Call a Doctor

Bone fractures can be minor and major; but some major injuries do not always look as bad at first glance. Do not underestimate injuries especially when pain is not present. It is always safer to consult a doctor to rule out the possibility of a serious injury and to professionally address infection, should it be an issue.

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