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Fast Fracture Treatment | Fast Bone Fracture Surgery | Healing Time, Symptoms and Recovery

1 Aug

Fast fracture healing methods are dependent on the type of fracture the person has sustained. Healing fractures in cases wherein the injury is an open fracture (bone breaking through the skin) will take sometime because other complications must have been sustained in the process of the fracture. Fast fracture treatments can only be applied on injuries which are not very serious and can be treated with just few days of rest and immobilization. One example is stress fractures which only cause hairline cracks on the bone due to constant exertion and application of stress. However, if stress fractures are not immediately identified, they can turn into complete fractures and may need surgical treatments in the end.

Fast Fracture Types

The following are the different classifications of the fractures which can be treated by fast fracture treatment:

• Stress fracture: Type of fracture wherein hairline cracks develop on bones due to overuse. People who are commonly plagued with this problem are athletes who constantly train and participate in highly physical activities.
• Incomplete fracture- an injury wherein the bone is fragmented but is still partially joined together.
• Closed fracture: Bone fracture happens inside the body and without any bone penetrating through the skin. The bones can be healed by surgical means and few weeks of rest with therapy is enough for the bone to be functional again.
• Greenstick fracture: This type of bone fracture happens on children wherein the bone in their limb bends and breaks on the other side while the other side remained complete. This is easy to heal and sometimes require only a sling or enough rest.


Fracture types which can be treated by fast fracture methods will be diagnosed by the doctor the same way as other types of fractures. The medical history of the patient is a significant factor in diagnosing fractures so that fast treatment can be administered the proper way. Physical examination is also part of the diagnosis because the doctor will check on the fracture to know what kinds of treatment is more appropriate. So depending on the injury the patient sustained, the success of fast fracture treatment is still undetermined. Only the x-rays, CT scan or the result of the MRI will reveal if the injury is capable of healing fast. Rehabilitation or rehab is significant.

Fast Fracture Causes

Causes of the types of fracture which can be healed using fast fracture techniques:

• Overuse/overexertion of stress
• Slipping that causes minor bone injuries
• Falling that causes fractures that are repairable by casting or surgery

Fast Fracture Symptoms

Symptoms of the types of fractures which can be subjected to immediate healing

• Swelling
• Passing pains
• Mild bruises

Fast Fracture Treatment

The main core of fast fracture treatments is providing supplements which can help speed up the three stages of healing namely the inflammation, reparative, and remodeling phases. Fractures already on their healing phases demand higher nutritional demands. By taking more nutrients, the bones are provided with the proper minerals they need, thus speeding up their operations. Some examples of essential minerals that must be taken by patients are protein and calcium. Bones can be compared to a sponge with proteins as their primary framework. By taking in lots of protein, the fragmented bones are provided with more material, hastening the rebuilding of their structures.

Calcium, on the other hand, is a very important mineral which helps strengthen the structure of bones. Taking calcium with protein while the bones are still healing will give way to stronger bones. Other important minerals which can help in fast bone fracture healing are zinc and copper.
There are some enzymes found on the bone which need zinc for better functioning. Zinc also helps improve production of the proteins for bones. Lastly, copper helps in the production and creation of bone collagen which is important in rebuilding bone framework.

Fast Fracture Recovery Time and Healing Time: It usually takes more than 8 weeks.

Prevention of Fast Bone Injury

To prevent having stress and incomplete fractures, a person must not put his bones under too much stress. Before doing any activity that can probably provide high stress levels on the bone, conditioning the body through simple exercises can help in minimizing the shock that will be applied to the bone. Stocking up on some important minerals through a healthy diet can also help in strengthening the bones.

When to Call a Doctor

Even though stress and incomplete fractures can be easily treated, asking for medical assistance can help a lot in hastening the process of healing. Moreover, since some types of fractures are not easily seen with the application of certain diagnostic procedures, this will be a challenge for the person to seek further medical help from highly trained people who specialize in bone injuries.

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