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How Do Bones Heal – Healing Bone Injuries

11 Aug

Bone fractures are very common due to different stress our bodies always engaged in. This is why there are different varieties of bone fractures that can happen to us. Around 6.8 million Americans are being treated of bone fractures every year and according to some research, a person can suffer an average of two fractures in his lifetime. Basically, bone fractures happen when the structure of the bone cannot support the force that is given to the bone itself. If the force is too strong, the bone may break cleanly but if severe blow happens, it can really fragment the bones into small pieces which sometimes render the bone hard to heal.

Fortunately, most of the bone fractures people encounter almost can heal because our bones especially if we are still young continue to develop and make its own use of its healing process. There are different process on how do bones heal so we have to understand this process in order to help our bones recuperate quickly once we encounter a fracture.


There are different causes of bone fractures and most of them are caused by traumas. Accidents, osteoporosis, and even deficiencies in some vitamins and minerals that are crucial in the formation of healthy bones are the major causes of broken bones. When it comes to vitamins and minerals, we would be very particular with calcium and vitamin D because if the bone is insufficient with these minerals, the bones can be fragile and will be very vulnerable to fractures.

How Fractures Heal

There are varieties of methods on how bone fractures can be healed depending on the health of your body and bones. You can decide about the first aid treatment but the final treatment will be decided by your doctor. Helping bones heal will make your pain to less severe and becomes manageable because you do not deserve to bear the pain. So here are the recommended treatments how bone fractures can be treated and get healed:

• Elevation and the use of ice. Ice will surely help control the swelling that will occur at the fractured site because the ice will decompress the swelled muscles and congested nerves. Elevating the fractured part will also decrease the swelling as the blood will not be confined on the swelled area.
• Casting. This is the most common practice in correcting bone deformities that are caused by fractured bones. The limb will be put in cast until the bone heals on itself.
• Rehabilitation is also a very effective way of helping a bone injury heal itself because with physical therapy, the strength of the muscles will also lead in the strengthening of the structures of the bone.
• Medications. Some bone medications can bring about faster healing on bone fractures because these are fortified with vitamin D and calcium which can make the bone stronger and more solid.
• Exercise. With regular and easy exercise, the bone tissues can respond better to treatment especially when the bones need good supply of blood to enhance callus formation.

How Do Broken Bones Heal – Healing Bone Injuries

Bone tissues always have the ability to make ways in reconstructing itself when there is fracture in the bone. Only few hours after the injury, young tissues will begin to appear on the fractured bone site. This is the first step of the bone’s repairing the fracture. The cells that are present on the tissue can multiply rapidly until the fractured site will be filled with calcium deposits. Within 72 to 96 hours after the injury, the cells will form a tissue which will unite the end of the bones. More calcium will be produced which will be supporting the newly formed tissue. Eventually, calluses will form and this will lead to the formation of new bones over the fractured site. This whole phase can take months to complete. A plaster cast will cover the injured part to immobilize it while the healing process takes place.

There are also factors that can delay bone healing such as internal infections, malnutrition, bone degenerating diseases, and non-union of bones. However, all these can be corrected if proper management and early detection can be maintained. In children, bone healing is much faster because their fractured bones are still under development and still growing. Any fracture can easily be mended due to their bones’ capability to regenerate new calcium on their fractured site. Moreover, the opposite can happen on older patients. Since their bones become fragile due to old age, recuperation of bones may not always be satisfactory and sometimes this may even lead to paralysis. This is why while we are young, we are recommended to take on proper diet that is rich with calcium and Vitamin D and avoid unnecessary risk that can harm our bodies.

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