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How Long Do Bones Take To Heal?

11 Aug

Broken bones are called fractures and most people deal with fractures at least at one point in their life. It is a result of a physical force with strength exceeding that of the bone itself. It is very common on children who engage in many physical activities but since children’s are more flexible than adults, their fractures tend to be less complicated. As people grow older, their bones become more brittle and therefore become more susceptible to fractures.


There a different bone fractures but all of them are under three main categories: displaced and non-displaced, open and closed.
a. Displaced fractures and non-displaced are classification of fractures according to the way the bone breaks. Displaced fractures involve the bones breaking into two or more parts, non-displaced fractures involve break that still maintains its natural bone position
b. Open or Close fractures. Closed fractures are fractures that do not involve the skin and open fractures are those that involve a puncturing of the skin and bone being exposed through it.

These bones can be further subdivided into more specific kinds of bone injuries or fractures:

• Greenstick fractures: this type of fracture occur most in children and they incomplete fractures that involves the ending of bone
• Transverse fractures: these are fractures that occur at a right angle from the bone’s axis
• Oblique fractures: these are bone fractures that occur in a slanting or oblique fashion
• Comminuted fractures: this is a type of fracture that involves the bone being shattered into several pieces
• Impacted fractures: also known as buckle fractures and are usually caused by a diseased bone


Bone fractures will be diagnosed initially based on the clinical examination, history given by the patient. If it cannot be diagnosed as is, the patient will have to have some x-rays taken to be able to see the condition of the underlying fractured bone; and when certain evidences cannot be pinpointed through x-rays, a computed tomography or CT scan is the last resort.


Bone fractures can result from different things and they are the following:
• Falling from an elevated position
• Vehicular accidents
• Direct blow
• Physical abuse
• Repetitive forces which is usually experience by athletes


If any of the following are observed, you could be dealing with a fractured bone:
• Broken skin with some bone protruding from it
• Dislocated or misshapen limb or joint
• Swelling, bruising or bleeding on a certain area, especially following a physical incident or blow
• Intense pain
• Numbness of tingling of the affected area
• Immobility or difficulty of moving a limb with much ease and comfort


How long do fractured bones take to heal? Bones that break, especially those that are rather minor will only take a while to heal on its own. When you are dealing with simple fractures, immobilization with aid of splinting, bracing and slinging is done. No matter the severity of the physical injury you incurred, however, it is important for you to consult a doctor so you can could ask him directly how long does a broken bone take to heal. Doctors, depending on their diagnosis, can immediately tell you how long the healing would take place.

If you are dealing with open fractures, then it will dictate a truly different course of treatment that involves surgery. Surgical procedures involve the incorporation of pins, plates and rods, to successfully position bones in the proper places. The incorporation of metal hardware will be dependent on the assessment of your doctor.

How long do bones take to heal? Only a good assessment will be able to determine. After successful treatment, most patients who have had bone fractures have to undergo some kind of physical therapy to fully recover.


• Always wear protective gear when you are engaging in physical activities. Always wear helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, and shin pads to completely protect yourself from any accident that may result to a serious injury
• Always child-proof you house to protect your children all the time. You do not know what kind of danger they might run into, therefore make sure to protect them and make sure to teach your children about keeping themselves safe, also. And if you can, make sure that the children are never without adult supervisions, especially when they are engaged in physical activities
• Always make sure to stand on a surface that is fully-supported. Do not climb onto a surface without making sure that it is safe, first.

When to Call a Doctor

Call your doctor at once if:

• There is a suspected break of bone in the head, neck, back, hip, pelvis and upper leg
• You cannot immobilize the area by yourself
• There is severe bleeding
• You observed that the injured site is pale, cold, clammy or blue
• There is bone protruding through the skin

How long does a broken bone take to heal? You will determine this with proper medical care.

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    I guess this depends upon the severity of the fracture. I suggest give them a good 2 months to heal

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