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How Long Does It Take for Bones to Heal

11 Aug

A broken bone is one of the most common conditions that United States has for there is an average of 6.8 million people every year who break some bones in their body. This condition is commonly called as bone fracture or simply broken bone. There are many things that you need to know about this condition such as what should be done to avoid such condition, what to do when such condition happens as first aid treatment, and how long does it take for a bone to heal.

What Preventive Measures Should be Taken to Avoid Bone Fracture?

There are different measures that should be taken so that you will not keep asking yourself how long does it take for bones to heal before you will get to freely do your own thing without any inhibitions at all.

• Take enough amount of calcium. Calcium can help strengthen your bones. If you have weak bones, a minor fall may immediately cause your bones to break easily. Calcium is needed for the growth, development, and the maintenance of strong bones that can resist even some forces during falls, injuries or any accidents.
• Do regular exercise. Regular exercise can also help you maintain strong and denser bones. By being physically active, you will be less prone to experience breaks in bones which will once again prompt you to ask how long does bone take to heal. People who do not exercise regularly tend to experience more bone injuries or broken bones than those who are fond of exercise.
• Provide proper lighting at home or in offices especially in hallways and stairways to avoid falling or tripping.
• Organize electrical cords in such a way that no loose ends will be scattered in spaces where people would need to step in.
• Avoid tripping hazards within the home especially when there are kids around. These hazards could refer to loose rugs and carpets.
• Put your hands on the hand rails while climbing up and down the staircase.
• Provide a layout involving your furniture that will still allow for some walking room.
• Shower floors and bathtubs should have non-slip strips.
• To avoid slipping on wet floor in the kitchen, put a rag that dries up the water in front of the sink.
• Tie shoelaces well and use shoes with nonskid soles.

What First Aid Treatment Should be Done for Broken Fractures or Bone Injuries?

Since broken bones may happen to anyone anywhere, knowledge of first aid treatment would be valuable.

• Do not move the person unless necessary as the movement may only worsen the break or any other bone injury suffered by that person.
• Stop the bleeding of any wound by using a clean dressing to cover the wound. If it is a compound fracture with piercing bones, pressure should be applied on the affected area.
• Once the bleeding stops cover the wound with another clean dressing to protect it from infection.
• Leave the broken bones alone.
• Limb fractures should be rested on some pillows for support but move the broken parts with utmost care so as not to cause more pain.
• If not, use a splint to support the fractured limb.
• Improvise some sling for the arms’ immobilization.
• Reduce swelling and relieve pain by applying cold pack to the injured area.
• Call for an ambulance immediately.
• Do not let the injured person eat or even drink before you seek a doctor’s approval. This is to make sure that the food or drink will not delay any necessary surgery, if applicable.

How Long Do Broken Bones Take to Heal?

There are different lengths of duration of the healing time for broken bones for different people. This is because there are various factors that play their roles in contributing to the speed of the recovery of the fractured bones. These factors would include the type of the fracture endured by the person, size of the bone that was broken, the age of that person, and the type of bone that was broken. As per observation of usual cases:

• Type of fractures: Simple fractures are the easiest ones to heal. It will only take around four to six weeks to heal the broken bones. Compound fractures would take months to be realigned once more.
• Size of the broken bone. Smaller bones will also require around four weeks of healing while larger bones would need six weeks to three months.
• Age of the person. Fractures in children heal easily than in teenagers and adults.
• Type of broken bone. From the toes that need three weeks to heal to the lower leg that needs ten to twenty-four weeks, there are varying lengths of time for healing.

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