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How to Heal Broken Bones

12 Aug

Getting into an injury and breaking the bone in your right arm would make you a victim of the medical condition that is called as bone fracture which is why you need to know how to heal broken bones. Once any bone in your body is broken, you are said to have been fractured. Break and fracture are actually two words with the same meaning so there is no reason why you would be confused about these two. There are complete or partial bone fractures while there are also compound or open fractures. You should know how to heal a broken bone.

Symptoms of a Bone Fracture

When can you really detect that you already have something wrong with your bones? Even before the doctor’s diagnosis, there are symptoms that will also become apparent in your body that will tell you that you need to heal a broken bone. These symptoms would include:

• Numbness
• Tingling sensation
• Out-of-place joint
• Intense pain
• Swelling, bruising, and bleeding

Diagnostics as Per the Doctor’s Examination

If you do not want to rely on examining the symptoms all on your own, you can visit a doctor for a diagnosis. A health care professional will be the one to handle the physical aspect and history of yourself. In order to develop a diagnosis, an X-ray radio graph can be used to take a clearer look at the area where there is a suspected bone injury or fracture. However, some clinics or hospitals would opt to use a computed tomograph (CT scan).

Home Remedies to Heal a Broken Bone

The usual victims of fractured bones are children and older adults who would need help on how to heal broken bones. Children are so playful while older adults tend to have weak knees that will make them more prone to injuries and falls and thus should know how to help heal broken bones. Although there are medical ways which can answer on how does a broken bone heal, there are still home remedies by which you can still take to heal bone injures or fractured bones. Here are some of these natural home remedies that may help shorten bone healing timeline.

1. Pineapples have anti-inflammatory properties from its Bromelain property which is actually an enzyme. If you have already experienced swelling in the injured area, you should eat pineapples all the more. Consume at least half of the fruit until your fractures will be all well. It is imperative that you eat only fresh pineapples. If you do not like pineapples much, you ca substitute it with its supplement called Bromelain.

2. Despite your love for red meat, you should try to stay off it. If you want to know how does a broken bone heal and to apply your newfound knowledge, you should try following all these remedies then. For beverage, stick to water and avoid colas and caffeine because they will only all the more delay your bones’ recovery.

3. Watch carefully what you eat. You should maintain a bone healing diet all the way until you will be all recovered. Preservatives are big no no’s for they have phosphorous that will all the more weaken your bones.

4. Take more calcium as it can help your fractured bones heal faster. Calcium can help boost your bone health. Make sure that it is included in your diet.

5. Vitamin D will be a good assistant when it comes to making sure that the calcium that you are taking is absorbed by your body. At least, you will not waste your money on taking calcium tablets.

6. Make it a habit to take horsetail tea as your supplement. This tea is a good provider of silicon which is also one of the agents which can all the more hasten the healing process of bone fractures.

7. Strengthen your bones again by taking magnesium. You can buy such in supplement tablets. It is a must that you should take it everyday. While calcium boosts bones health, you can also take magnesium which can serve as calcium’s partner in keeping your bones healthy.

8. Zinc is another supplement that you need to take to easily repair any damage to your tissues. During the healing process, tissues play a big role in connecting bones for a faster healing process.

9. Combine the supplements of Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium for these three also help a lot in repairing any damage. Moreover, you will also have bonus rewards in the form of better heart condition and some good muscles.

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