Speed Up Fracture Healing

How to Make Broken Bones Heal Faster

12 Aug

A broken bone would inconvenience you much for your every move might resonate with pain. The hurt that you will feel is because when your bones get broken, you will expose the nerve endings of the pain fibers which when irritated, will cause pain. Moreover, broken bones would hurt since the muscles around the fractured area will do the job of holding the bones together as though they were still unbroken. However, in order to maintain this task, the muscles have to experience spasms which will cause your pain.

If you no longer want to experience such pain, inconvenience, and even possible dependence on other people due to your restricted movements, you have to find ways to make fractured and broken bones heal faster.

• Stop smoking. If you want the broken bones to heal faster, you should stop smoking since this will hinder the progress of the blood flow towards the bones. When not enough amount of blood can reach the bones, this might all the more delay the healing time of your fractures. The blood flow is supposed to be the carrier of cells and nutrients that will hasten the healing of the bones. Thus, when you continue smoking, you are exposing yourself to nonunion.
• Maintain a balanced diet. As with handling any other diseases or even when you are robust and healthy, you should maintain a balanced diet for sustained health. For the bones to heal faster, they need to consume lots of nutrients. Thus, the more nutrients you will take, your broken bones healing time would be shorter.
• Control calcium intake. Although calcium is proven to make bones healthy, your balanced diet should still be a priority over this. Calcium is needed to make your bone injuries get healed faster and your other unharmed bones to stay stronger. There is an advisable dosage of calcium supplements that you can take but taking more would not help you any better. Just make sure that you follow the recommended dosage.
• Follow your treatment plan. Upon consulting a doctor about your fractured bone, you will go home with prescription and the doctor’s advised treatment plan. You may have treatments such as cast, crutches, surgery or other procedures and you have to follow what the doctor says or you will just lengthen your healing time.
• Consider your options well. There are several choices to treat broken bones. However, you may not be able to land a good choice if you will decide all on your own. It would be better if you will consult your doctor about it aside from researching about customer reviews about certain treatments. When you are considering surgery, you should know the risks that you have to face in order to make your decision carefully.
• Augmenting healing for fractures. There are certain devices that are thought of to help heal broken bones. However, even without solid scientific evidence, many fractured patients would resort to these devices to try if they will work.

a. Electrical simulation. This is a process wherein two skin electrodes are placed near the broken bones and a small current that is simulated by a 9-volt battery passes between the electrodes. It is said to help grow bone cells faster by dividing themselves faster as well, causing bone healing to speed up. In order for this progress in healing to be continuous, you need to wear the skin electrodes for the longest time possible until these bones will be completely healed. This is ideal for people with bones which heal slowly.

b. Ultrasound. The machine produces barely-heard sounds that are inaudible to human ears. The machine will be connected to the skin surface through a probe. According to the advocates who have used the machine to help repair broken bones and serious bone injuries, it is said to cause increased gene expression and slight changes in temperature. However, there is no scientific evidence as to how this can help bones heal faster than usual. You may opt to try this though if you have limited healing potentials with other kinds of treatments.

c. Magnets. These are usually used to relieve joint pain and cure systemic illnesses. They are said to be effective in increasing blood flow to the broken bones so that these bones will receive the nutrients that they need. In order to take effect in healing fractured bones, magnets should be closely positioned to the affected area. They can be found in wraps or in some pieces of jewelry. Like the other two external devices mentioned above, there is no scientific proof of how effective these magnets are in helping repair broken bones quicker.

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