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Jones Fracture Treatment | Jones Bone Fracture Surgery, Healing Time, Recovery, Types

12 Sep

Details about Jones Fracture

Fracture is a condition in our body wherein a hard tissue suffers from crack or break which is especially true for our bones. Certain types of fracture can occur in different parts of our body like a jaw fracture. There are even instances wherein a fractured kneecap can happen. Nowadays, there are already names for every fractured parts of our bodies due to the numerous studies made on fractures in the past and current centuries. These names and classifications make it easier to identify the fractures.

There are already many types of bone fracture that are known to us. There are what they call as open and closed fracture, complete and incomplete fracture, and still many other forms that vary depending on the severity and condition of the crack or break. In addition, more specific forms of fracture have been identified as well. One of these specific forms of fractures is Jones fracture or the fracture of the fifth metatarsal.

Jones Fractures: Definition and History

Jones fracture occurs on the fifth metatarsal. The fifth metatarsal is a bone on the foot which is seen on the base of the small toe. Most people mistakenly consider this form of fracture as the dancers fracture considering that it affects the fifth metatarsal or the foot (in general sense). Jones fracture of the fifth metatarsal is a common form of stress fracture or fracture that is due to overuse.  Metatarsal Jones fracture usually happens to athletes who suddenly push their performance to a higher level or to non-athletes who just suddenly increased their walking activities beyond their usual.  Thus, anyone who is overusing their feet has the tendency to suffer from this stress and incomplete fracture of a bone. This kind of foot fracture can be prevented by pacing yourself when it comes to activities that use your feet. This may also be called as march fracture, referring to the fact that one is overusing the feet in walking.

Jones fractures were first identified by a British orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Robert Jones. On the study conducted by Dr. Jones, some of the cases of Jones fracture foot that he evaluated that time (which included his injury) are due to indirect impact. For his condition, the fracture occurred due to dancing. This could have been the reason why most people consider this form of fracture as the Dancer’s fracture. However, dancer’s fracture is actually a form of fracture that is caused by a tendon that is pulling off a portion of the bone that causes the fracture injury.

Generally, there are still other types of fifth metatarsal fracture. When the fracture already affects the tarsometatarsal joint (or the arthrodial joints of the foot), then this becomes an avulsion fracture or better known as Pseudo Jones fracture.

Jones Fracture Symptoms

People with this kind of fracture are suffering from severe pain in the fractured bone. In addition, one would also suffer from swelling of the same area and difficulty in walking. However, since these fracture symptoms are too general to conclude that one is really suffering from fifth metatarsal fracture, some people who suffer from this form of fracture just consider their situation as a form of sprain. When this becomes the situation, the fracture worsens and even leads to fracture complications.

Jones Fracture Diagnosis

A patient may not be able to identify that he/she is already suffering from Jones fracture fifth metatarsal since it is mostly considered as an ordinary sprain. To be able to know if an individual is already suffering from Jones bone fracture, going through an X-ray test is the solution. It is only then that at an individual may finally identify Jones fractures case.

Thus, when an individual is already suffering from a swollen foot and has difficulty in walking, consulting the doctor would already be a necessity. It would be difficult to treat Jones fracture once it is already too complicated. At the same time, when there is already a hint that a person is suffering from this form of fracture, employing first aid procedures for the fractured fifth metatarsal bone is the immediate course of action that one needs to do.

Jones Fracture Treatment

Specific forms of bone fracture have their own treatments. Though they follow the general rule, there is still more Jones fracture treatments or fifth metatarsal fracture treatments that can provide more ease and comfort to the patient. First off, Jones fracture medicine is just similar with any forms of bone fracture. This is mainly because medicines are taken to reduce or eliminate the pain of the fractured bone and avoid the swelling of the fractured part. Of course, this medication will still depend on the medication by the doctor since different situations with broken fifth metatarsal bones may demand different prescriptions. However, when it is just a matter of pain relief and anti-inflammatory purposes, a dose of ibuprofen can already be considered.

Like any forms of fracture, Jones fracture healing time can be within a certain course of time depending on the natural capacity of the body to heal. The body can naturally heal a patient from Jones foot fracture. There are just some needs for fracture cast or brace/braces so that the bones can be properly aligned. This is important since it will aid the body to restore the natural condition of the bones after a Jones injury. As we aligned the fractured body part, the body can easily correct the condition and even make the recovery period faster. At the same time, this is a quick way to return the usual functions of one’s foot.   Still, there is a need for Jones fracture rehabilitation. This means that there would be a certain period of Jones fracture recovery time when an individual should immobilize the fractured part and maintain using the braces to easily recover from the fracture. This rehabilitation period is important because it is during this time that the body is taking its natural course to correct the misalignment and bring the broken bones back to its natural position. Also, there will come a time when the doctor would allow walking Jones fracture. This is only applicable when the condition has really been treated and restored to its natural condition or as the doctor prescribes. This would serve as the exercises that a person need to ensure full recovery.

For competitive athletes, on the other hand, considering a Jones fracture surgery is the most likely and quick solution to get rid of the problem. Since they are the types of people who would need to recover immediately due to their games, the surgical procedure is the quickest way possible to recover from the fracture. Instead of suffering from a couple weeks taking the natural recovery time of one’s body, a fracture surgery for this kind of fracture can lessen the time of recuperation. These are just some of the ways on how to heal from Jones fracture. As we learn more about this condition, we would also be able to know more things on how to treat Jones fracture.

Other Important Details about Jones Fracture

It is also important to note that a true Jones fracture can be a chronic condition. This is due to the natural set-up of the fifth metatarsal being the watershed area of two blood supplies. In addition, there are also tendons and muscles within this area that can make this type of metatarsal fracture more severe and makes the fracture recovery time even longer. In worse cases, it can really prevent from healing.

Like any forms of bone fracture, it is necessary that we take some time to learn more about it so that we can be ready with any situations that may come our way. As already mentioned, any individual can have the tendency of suffering from Jones fracture. Because of this, it is really advisable that we already learn about it today for future references. There are still more that we need to learn about this condition that is not state in this article. In addition, to better understand the real condition of this form of fracture, seeing some Jones fracture picture can give us some more ideas. After all, this is not that hard to do since there are already many resources that we can check out there especially through the Web.

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