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Micro Fracture Types, Surgery, Treatment, Symptoms and Prevention of Micro Bone Fractures

3 Aug

For long time now, so many problems with regard to bone fractures occur, unlike decades ago when fractures are commonly caused by vehicular accidents, falls from bicycles and motorcycles, and direct trauma that render the bones injured. This is probably attributed to the behavior of the people today wherein most of us engage ourselves with different activities that unnecessarily fracture our bones. On the other hand, it could also be that with the invention of new machines in detecting bone fractures, even minute fractures of the bones are now being detected that is why we thought that there are new forms of fractures that occur today which are not common decades ago.

One of the most unfamiliar forms of fracture that usually occur today among people who physically strain themselves is the microfractures. It was found out that with too much physical training, our bones also become stressed, and with so much stress we put on our bones we now create our own micro fractures. These are small and almost invincible fractures that occur mostly on the bones of our limbs where tension is more concentrated.

Types of Micro fractures

Micro fractures are commonly found on bones that are normally stressed out due to abusive physical training which result in the weakening of the bone structure. Dancing, jumping, heavy and repeated marching and all other activities that are physically straining to the leg can bring about a microfracture. This is why the main types of micro fractures are usually found on the knee bones, femurial bones and tibial bones (tibia). Because the knee supports the upper limbs and the lower limbs, all the shocks and pressures go to the knee thus it become weakened and develops micro fractures. People who have weakened knees after repeatedly putting their knees on stress probably have undetectable micro fracture of knee.

The femur is also another bone that absorbs pressure and people who are usually affected are runners, gymnasts, mountain climbers and the like. The same thing goes for the tibia which is the biggest bone of the lower limb. The fractures here are usually seen on soldiers, runners, dancers, soccer players and heavy joggers.


Some doctors say it is almost impossible to detect micro fractures unless the sufferer is introduced to bone scanning. That could be true because x-rays are designed to provide images only with the general assembly of the bone and small fractures are commonly missed out. CT scan or MRI could provide clearer images of the bone because these machines have magnifications that can be able to see even minute particles of the bone and the images can goes through the whole structure of the bone also. However, some forms of micro bone fractures have full bone structure on the outside while the fractures are on the sub-surface of the bones. In this case, only the bone scan machine can be able to solve the riddle of the bone because the density of the bone is measured by its compactness and not just by outside images. Microfracture rehab or rehabilitation is very necessary.

Micro Fracture Causes

Too much force with repeated activities on the limb is the main cause of micro fractures. This means that when repeated force is applied on the leg and the leg cannot handle the pressure anymore, tiny cracks inside or outside the bone can develop. Gymnasts, military trainees, dancers, runners and people who all strain their legs beyond what their legs can absorb are usually the people who are prone to such smallest fractures. Micro bone fractures are also called osteoblasts and this is also common among osteoporotic people because their bone densities are already altered.

Micro Fracture Symptoms

Most of the time, micro fractures do not cause long term symptoms. Pain is there for a moment and then gone the next minute. This is why the sufferer thinks he is only suffering from muscle pain or muscle stress. Nevertheless, with complete bone structure analysis, the following clinical symptoms will appear:

• There is the thickening on the weight bearing area that is located between the tibia and the femur. The joint in this area sometimes losses its cartilage especially the part where the patella or knee cap is connected.
• On MRI result, the bone will appear to have an unstable or incomplete cartilage covering on the affected bone.
• When micro fracture is affecting the knee, the knee stays aligned but there will be symptoms of bone degeneration on that part such as weakening of bone and pain to the main part of the fracture.

Micro Fracture Treatment

There have been many ways that have been tried to treat micro fractures and this involve providing the person calcium sustenance and bracing the leg until it recovers. Nevertheless, nothing is better than treating the fracture itself with the latest innovation of bone surgery and this is called the articular cartilage repair. The methodology used in this treatment involves drilling very small holes on the affected bone or creating small fractures so that new cartilage will form and cover the micro fractures. This method has been in used by the many professional athletes in America and proven to be effective.

Around 30 to 90 minutes of the procedure is enough. Then the limb will be put to rest for sometime. The procedure does not involve immobilizing the leg but pain medications can be helpful because there could be pain from time to time while the bone heals itself. If the mircro fracture surgery is successful, the possibility of knee cap replacement is also eliminated. All the person need now is to wait until the bone repair itself. Chronic pain can also be eliminated with this procedure and the person can resume the use of his leg without pain and without any invasion on his part.

Micro Fracture Healing Time, Recovery Time: It may require a time longer than 6 weeks to fully heal.

Prevention of Micro bone injury:

To prevent micro fractures or bone injuries from setting in, the person must be aware that his legs can only take enough. If he feels that he is over straining himself then not only his muscles get the strains but also his bones. Therefore, the best prevention for this mysterious condition is rest and enough rest so that the bone structure can get back to its normal composition. Therefore, if you are already having the pain and feeling weak on the leg be aware that your body also needs to recuperate from the stress.

When to Call a Doctor

Micro fractures are usually accompanied by chronic pain and bone stress. If you are over exercising yourself and now feeling the product of your abuse then better visit your physician for bone check up.

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