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Multiple Fracture Treatment | Multiple Bone Fracture Surgery | Healing Time, Symptoms and Recovery

12 Aug

Multiple fractures would refer to a bone fracture wherein there is more than one area that has damage. In a sense, it is basically a simultaneous fracture of two or more fractures in one bone, although in some cases, it would consist of two or more fractures for several bones. Such type of fracture is not a common occurrence, nevertheless, it does happen and people need to be well aware of the signs and symptoms in order for proper treatment to be given.

Not many people are familiar with multiple fractures. This article will help you gain more knowledge about this condition so that should it happen to you or your loved ones, you will know what to do.


There are two types of multiple fractures and these are: comminuted and segmental. Essentially, comminuted fractures are those wherein the fractures are located quite close to each other, whereas the segmental fractures would happen when they are located further apart from each other. The type of multiple fractures can be diagnosed through various advanced medical examinations. There can be multiple fractures of the pelvis, foot or even multiple fractured ribs. These can occur in children or elderly alike.

Diagnosis of Multiple Bone Injuries

People might be wondering how multiple fractures can be diagnosed. As mentioned, this is quite different from other types of bone fractures in such a way that it has more than one damage area in the bone. To be able to accurately determine the condition, it will require the following:

1. Physical examination
2. Family history
3. Skeletal survey
4. Tomography
5. CBC or complete blood count
6. Bone densitometry
7. Complete documentation of injuries and bruises
8. DNA sequencing
9. Skin biopsy
10. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

Rehabilitation or rehab is necessary.


There are many reasons why individuals could develop multiple fractures. Usually, it happens if there is trauma from a fall, injury from accidents, and also because of abuse (domestic violence). Other times, certain diseases also give rise to the condition osteopenia, osteogenesis imperfecta, osteomyelitis, rickets, paralysis, Menkes syndrome, and copper deficiency. People with dwarfism condition also have brittle bones, which can easily trigger multiple fractures. The tests and examinations should be able to pinpoint the real cause of the condition, which is why it is very important to see a medical doctor if symptoms occur (will be discussed below).

Multiple Fractures Symptoms

Due to the fact that multiple fractures could be triggered by various factors, a lot of symptoms could also be identified. Take note that these symptoms may or may not be present, and most certainly, not all of them will be observable. The list below is given to serve as a guide but should not be the basis for finding treatment. Again, an appointment with a qualified doctor is necessary.

1. Poor linear growth
2. Presence of blue sclera
3. Limb deformities
4. Bruises
5. Scoliosis
6. Triangular-shaped face
7. Macrocephaly
8. Otosclerosis
9. Umbilical hernias
10. Teeth discoloration

And of course, the bones for such condition would be very fragile and very easy to break. The person who has multiple fractures associated with certain diseases is more likely to have brittle bones that easily hurt.

Multiple Fractures Treatment

Because multiple fractures may be due to certain diseases, to treat it, the doctor must treat the disease itself. However, there are some diseases without any cure such as osteogenesis imperfecta. In this case, the only option would be to reduce possible deformities. Doctors prescribe bisphophonate, which can reduce pain in bones and make the bones stronger. For multiple fractures brought about by accidents and injuries, treatment would vary, from surgery, casting, or antibiotics.

Prevention of Multiple Bone Injuries

Preventive measures vary for multiple bone fractures. The first thing a person needs to remember is to steer clear of accident-prone areas and injury triggers. People who live with abusive individuals should stay away from them in order to prevent getting hurt. Diet and lifestyle must also be adjusted, making sure that you eat plenty of calcium-rich food to strengthen the bones. Taking of supplements also help increase bone density, thereby preventing the occurrence of brittle and fragile bones.

Multiple Fracture Healing Time or Recovery Time: It requires longer than 8 weeks to heal completely.

When to Call a Doctor

We always recommend seeking medical attention in the event that an accident happened. Even though you might feel that there is nothing wrong with you, we can never be too sure and to avoid complications, you need to see a doctor. In addition to that, when a person feels pain in the bones or in surrounding areas (muscles), it is necessary to give your doctor a call just to isolate the problem. And of course, if the abovementioned symptoms are present, make an appointment with the doctor as soon as possible. The soonest you will be treated, the better.

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