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Neck of Humerus Fracture Treatment, Neck of Humerus Bone Fracture Surgery, Fractured Humerus Symptoms and Healing Time

3 Aug

The neck of the humerus is at the top portion of the arm where the shoulder socket and the top of the arm fit together. Any fracture in this part of the hand is called the neck of humerus fracture. This can be caused by over exertion of the hand, falling while the hands are outstretched, and a large impact that was put on the shoulder area. It is the most common fracture in the area of the proximal humerus.

Types of fracture of neck of the humerus:

The types of neck of humerus fractures are the following:

• Inward Stress Fracture. This is caused when the stress outward is greater than the opposing force inward, leading to a fracture that is bent inward. The wrist can be dislocated inward, pointing to the body in an awkward way.
• Outward Tension Fraction. In this kind of fracture, the force outside is lesser than the force that is getting in. This is also called reverse stress fracture because it dislocates the wrist outward away from the body.
• Humerus Joint Fracture. This is a fracture that concerns the wrist. Usually with the presence of this kind of fracture, the joint cannot be moved and the wrist will be dangling in one position. Forceful movement will be painful and further dislocation may happen.
• Stable Fracture. With stable fractures, the neck of the humerus can be healed without the need to realign it.
• Unstable Fracture. With unstable fractures, the doctor may recommend surgery so that the fractures can be given additional boost while healing. Unstable fractures may show signs of healing at one time and then refuse to be realigned after few weeks.
Other types are anatomical neck of humerus, spiral, orif, humerus shaft, head of radius, femur, distal, arm, humerus proximal, wrist, supracondylar, joint, ulna and shoulder. These occur in both children and elderly.


The doctor can see the type of neck of humerus fracture upon determining the symptoms. The diagnosis will depend on how the wrist is aligned or inclined. The angular dislocation can be computed using the offset of the original position and the current position. After an x-ray verifies the preliminary diagnosis, the diagnosis will be finalized. Rehabilitation or rehab is required for neck of humerus bone fracture.


• The main cause is falling off from a high area with the hand outstretched. With an outstretched hand, the palm does not have enough force to support the weight it will carry. An unexpected force as the body hits the ground will lead to pressure in the neck of the humus, thus, a fracture.
• Pressure and accidents on the base of the arm can also lead to a fracture on the neck of the humerus.

Symptoms of fractured neck of humerus:
• Fever and pain may occur for long periods of time
• Difficulty in extending the arm backward or forward
• Nerve disruption leading to a failure to control the movement of the arm
• Swelling and unexplained redness
• Bruising and tender spots may be present

Neck of Humerus Fracture Treatment

A fracture in the neck of the humerus can be treated with a collar and cuff. With this setup, the patient will not be able to move the injured arm while treatment is ongoing. After the designated number of weeks has elapsed, the patient will need to undergo X-ray procedures to see whether it has completely healed.

In case it has not, a new approach will be done. Internal surgery is not frequently advised when the neck of the humerus is concerned because of the small nerve endings and bones that can be affected during surgery. However, if it involves more than two bones in the area, surgery or surgical neck of humerus treatment is the only way to correct them. Fracture that is a result of impact can be cured by putting it on a sling for few weeks. During these periods, the patient is advised not to carry any heavy load and refrain from forcing the arm to move. It is better to keep the sling under the clothes for added protection. After four to five weeks, the collar can be worn outside the clothes and healing will soon be over.

Penular exercises can also be given after two to three weeks of putting the arm on a sling. With these exercises, small movements will be introduced to the arm. If the arm will respond successfully to the exercises, the sling can be taken off.

Neck of Humerus Fracture Healing Time & Recovery Time: It takes greater than 8 weeks.

Prevention of Neck of Humerus Bone Injury

To prevent the fracture in the neck of the humerus, careful movement of the proxima humerus should be observed. It is a preliminary measure to see that the part is not extended beyond its normal limit and that if it needs to carry weight, weight is divided evenly. Additional support can also be added when carrying anything by the arm.

When to Call a Doctor

If you had an accident and think you are now suffering from a humerus fracture, observe for some symptoms. If you feel pain, fail to move your upper arm, and swelling on your shoulder, call your doctor immediately. You need to show the doctor how the fracture happened so that he will know what diagnosis and treatment to give you.

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