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Penis Fracture Treatment | Penis Bone Fracture Surgery | Fractured Penis Healing Time, Symptoms and Recovery

4 Aug

The penis does not have any bone. However, it can still have a condition called penis fracture due to uncommon intercourse positions that require sudden thrust or untoward erection that is subjected with brute force. However, there are also cases of penis fracture that can happen due to outdoor activities. One scenario has been documented during a football game when a player suddenly had an erection and accidentally injured that part of the membrane of his penis. Scenarios that are more common include cases of hurried dressing while the penis is erect. Any form of miscalculated step while the penis is erect can lead to penis fractures.

During normal circumstances, penis fractures are virtually impossible to happen. However, it has been observed that as the years progress the cases of penis bone fracture has also become frequent. There is no way of telling whether it is due to unconventional ways of masturbating, innovative sexual positions, or having hazardous and busy lifestyle.


• Mild Penis Fractures. This is when a slight tear in the lining tissue has been observed. It can have symptoms of short bouts of stabbing pain but can be treated with over-the-counter medications.
• Average Penis Fractures. This is the case where a slight inflection on the penis may occur. Once the penis is damaged, it can veer off to one direction and cannot be normal again. Problems with erection also happen. Some incidents even claim that with average case penis fracture, a significant decrease in the size of the penis is most likely.
• Severe Penis Fractures. This is dangerous if not diagnosed and be treated early. The severe cases of penis fracture involve damage in the urethra brought about by the sudden contact of the hard region of the penis. Once the urethra has been damaged, blood can be seen during urination.

Penile Fracture Diagnosis

The doctor can diagnose your membrane as having fractured penis upon the presence of symptoms that shows the corpus cavernousum had been torn. The corpus cavernousum is the lining of the penile region that has sponge-like tissues capable of holding in the rush of blood during an erection. Once the tissues have been damaged, there will be a shorter erection—if it can still be supported. Torn tissues can be repaired for mild cases but in extreme cases, erection cannot be supported. On the other hand, small tears that can lead to severe fractions cannot be detected easily so an MRI would be necessary. Rehabilitation or rehab is necessary depending upon the condition. Rehabilitation or rehab is required.

Penis Fracture Causes

Essentially, this kind of fracture happens when the penis lining and the pubic bone of the partner comes in hard contact during intercourse. However, it can still happen due to other factors. Penile fracture is caused mainly by carelessness and ignorance. For instance, while asleep the person with an erection can roll over and accidentally crush his hard membrane. Hurried dressing and accidentally hitting the penis with the jeans or by any hard material can lead to the painful crack of the broken penis. Any case of severe blow to it while erect may lead to its malfunction and severance, so it may seem like your penis broke. Husband abuse has also been reported to cause this kind of fracture of the penis.

Penis strain or splint can also occur.

Penis Fracture Symptoms

• Cracking sound caused by the tearing of the membrane
• Intense and unbearable pain
• Swelling around the penile area
• Fracture-like symptoms
• Blood in the urethra can appear on severe cases

Penis Fracture Treatment

Some doctors give antibiotics to mild cases of penis fracture to get rid of the swelling and pain. Some doctors, however, will direct you to alternative medicines to prevent further swelling. Even rest can heal mild cases of penis fracture. Doctors can recommend bed rest and avoidance of penile activities until the pain and swelling recedes. In case the tissues have not been severely damaged, refusal to have intercourse can help the body repair the tissues in about a month.

However, the more extreme cases will require surgery to prevent further infection. If the area has not been applied with first aid to prevent infection, it can lead to more complicated problems. In the case of a damaged urethra, surgery is strongly recommended.

Penis or Penile Fracture Recovery Time or Healing Time is more than one month.

Prevention of Penis Injury

Prevention of penis injuries requires calculation. Since erection cannot be controlled, calculating one’s movement is the answer. If the person is inclined to do sexual positions wherein the woman is on top, it is better to make sure that contact happens in the right places. Any form of intercourse that requires other places aside from the bedroom has to be done with precaution. Avoid crashing or hitting hard on the pubic bone of your partner so that fracture will not occur. If there is no need to hurry when dressing up, then take it slow. In cases where one can avoid unusual positions of masturbation, revert to the traditional way just to be safe.

When to Call A Doctor

As soon as you experience insufferable pain in the penile area, it is best to call the doctor. If during intercourse you hear a loud crack, and swelling immediately follows, penis fracture may be the cause. It is best to call the doctor to check the cause of the problem.

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