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Tibia Fibula Fracture Treatment | Tibia Fibula Bone Fracture Surgery | Fractured Tibia Fibula Healing Time, Symptoms and Recovery

6 Aug

The legs are often used for upright actions such as walking, running and dancing. During normal circumstances, the weight of the body is supported by the lower limbs. However, there are cases that when the body cannot support the load it bears anymore. When this happens, the lower limbs are forced to carry the weight and tibia fibula fractures can occur. The tibia fibula area is responsible in carrying the weight without causing the body to fall over. With this area fractured, the repercussions include misaligned legs and difficulty in standing erectly.


There are three possible types of fractures on the lower limbs. These are the proximal, distal, and shaft fractures. These fractures are also classified depending on their displacement and angulations, as well as their relationship with the general types of fractures.

• Proximal tibial fibular fractures are fractures that occur on uppermost part of the tibia and the fibula. When the fracture is severe, the tibia can swing backward or towards the front of the leg. It can even rotate when there is a twisting motion during the accident. The fibula, however, may also swing in the same direction.
• Distal tibial fibular fractures happen near the location of the foot or the ankle joint. The bones on the ankle may break and get damage in the process of severe fractures.
• Shaft tibial fibular fractures occur on the midsection along the axis of the tibia and the fibula. The fractures in some severe cases can cause open fractures and with almost 50 percent bone displacement and angulations. When these happen, surgery will be needed.
Tibia patella or fibula injury can be very severe.

Diagnosis of fibula tibia leg bones:

The doctor will observe the symptoms of tibia fibula bone fracture such as swelling, pain, and fever. If these are present, the doctor will perform an Xray on the lower leg to see the actual region that is affected. Sound resonance can also be applied on the area to check how displaced the bones are. With the tibia fibula xray image of the leg, the kind of fracture will be determined – whether it is hairline or serious. Treatment and length of therapy will depend on the findings. Rehabilitation or rehab is necessary.

Causes of Fractured Tibia and Fibula:

• The center of the body normalizes the force so that the legs will be able to stand at an angle that can support everything. However, gravitational pull on the body may lead to the miscalculation of the center and therefore the force is not channeled properly which can result into imbalance and fall.
• Additional weight applied to the body can lead to instances of leg fracture. A normal body will be able to carry twice its normal weight, but a poorly maintained skeletal system has a lower tolerance.
• Body compression and forceful realignment will also lead to fracture in the tibia fibula area. If the body is standing upright and an unexpected blow happens in the leg area, the fracture may result.
• Encountering an accident while running fast may also result to chipped fibula fracture especially if the person encounters a heavy force on the lower extremities.
It can cause severe ankle join pain.

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Tibia Fibula Fracture Symptoms

•  A loud crack or breaking noise may be heard at the point when impact happens on the leg.
• Swelling on the affected region may occur.
• As a normal response to fracture, the body may show signs of fever.
• Difficulty in walking can be experienced because of the minimal support given by the tibia fibula area
• Pain even when sitting up can also happen.

Tibia Fibula Fracture Treatment:

The RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) treatment may be recommended as a preliminary procedure. The fractured leg must be immobilized for few days, application of ice where pain is felt, application of bandage or elastic wrap and elevating the leg. Normally, the leg is elevated higher than the heart or hip so that minimum force is applied on it. The elevation causes the gravitation pull to remove swelling.

Constant application of ice packs every 20 minutes will also lessen pain and swelling. In case any part of the fracture shows through the skin, more serious treatment need to be done. During surgery, plates and pins can be inserted in the affected area to support the leg. The number of pins and plates used for treatment will depend on how severe the fracture is. The pins will also be responsible in realigning the fractured tibiofibular bones so that the leg can return to its normal angle. For less serious fracture, the leg can be put in cast to prevent the bone from displacing all the way out. Using braces also help lessen the force on the legs. A growth plate may be used during fibula surgery.

Tibia Fibular Fracture Recovery or Healing Time: It may take more than 8 weeks.

Prevention of Tibia Fibula Bone Injury

Tibia fibula fractures and bone injuries can be prevented by watching the weight that is given to the body. It would also help if you develop a good posture so that the body will not be misaligned. Exercise and a healthy diet will also help you to have a body that can bear heavy weight. Bone flexibility can be achieved if you practice proper sitting, standing and bending positions. Also, avoid activities that can put your tibia and fibula bones at risk. Our legs are the most usable and mobile parts of our body so they are prone to fracture so always wear protective gears on your foot when engaging yourself with active sports and rest your legs after a day’s work.

When to Call A Doctor

When you begin to experience pain in the leg after being forced to carry heavy weight, visit your physician for a check up. If you had an accident and your lower leg or legs are deformed, ask for help so that you can be taken to the hospital immediately. The mere showing of symptoms of tibia fibula fracture will also tell you if you need medical help.

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